Duxbury Youth Soccer Mailing Address

P.O. Box 2122
Duxbury, MA 02331


Duxbury Youth Soccer is a volunteer run organization and our Board makes youth soccer possible for our Duxbury kids.

If you'd like to be part of the team, please consider volunteering



DYSA Officers, Board Members, and Volunteer Committees


DYSA Officers

President -- pres@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Christian Peters
VP of Coastal -- vpcoastal@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Georgio Bantos
VP of Mini-Soccer-- vpmini@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Mark Henry
Secretary -- secretary@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Keith Boudreau
Treasurer -- treasurer@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Ken LaRose

DYSA At-Large Directors (Board Members)



Dan Coperine

Jennifer Litchfield

Meghann McKissock

David Murphy

Matt Roberts


Volunteer Committees

Registration and Risk Manager/COVID Officer: 

Registrar registrar@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Kellie Sullivan

Risk Manager -- Kellie Sullivan



Team Equipment -- equipment@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Keith Boudreau
Field Maintenance -- Managed by Duxbury Recreation
Field Coordinator -- 
All Things Referee Related -- ref@duxburyyouthsoccer.org 
Statistician -- stats@duxburyyouthsoccer.org -- Matt Roberts
Coastal Youth Soccer League (CYSL) Representative -- Graham Nelson
Fundraising Committee Coordinator -- Alan Siler

Soccer Programs/Competitions:     

Coaching Coordinator -- Meghann McKissock

Player Development (Coastal) -- Graham Nelson

Player Development (mini-soccer) -- Christian Vercollone

Age Group Coordinators -- 

Boys/Girls U6 -- Chris Doyle

Boys/Girls U8 -- Meghan McKissock

Boys U10 -- Dan Coperine

Girls U10 -- Jen Litchfield

Boys U12 -- Damon Vaughn

Girls U12 -- David Murphy

Boys U14 -- Alan Siler

Girls U14 -- Matt Roberts

Boys High School --

Girls High School --