Coastal Drill Suggestions:

Drill 1: Juggling

-      Juggle only using your right foot

-      Juggle only using your left foot

-      Juggle alternating each foot

-      Juggle alternating between knees and feet

-      Juggle a few touches low and one high

-      Juggle alternating between feet and head


Drill 2: Passing

Two players pair up.

-      Passing two touch back and forth

-      1-2 Passing; Passing at an angle and exploding to receive that ball as if you were replicating a give-and-go down the line, receive the ball back and explode in a different direction with your first touch


Drill 3: Dribbling

Using 4 cones create a square to stay inside of (10ft x 10 ft). In this grid you can

practice using the footwork skills listed above as well as different moves then

exploding into space. Complete each skill working for 1 minute and rest for 1

minute in between. (Don’t forget to explode into space after each move)

-      Dribble with your right foot only

-      Dribble with your left foot only

-      Dribble only using the insides of your feet

-      Dribble only using the outsides of your feet

-      Dribble and use a move to go backwards (pull back; step-over)

-      Dribble and use a move to go left or right (shake n bake; Cruyff; scissors)

-      Dribble and use two different moves in a row


Drill 4: Dribbling

Using cones create a grid with 4 corners (30 ft long and 10 ft wide). Divide that grid

into 3 sections (3 10ft x 10ft squares). Start on one end dribbling with pace into

one grid using a move to explode to the next grid while staying in the boundaries

created. Continue to do so through each grid. This will allow you to move into each

grid as if you are moving into a new space on the field to get around defenders.


Drill 5: Dribbling to Empty Cones

Five players, 10 cones appropriately distanced.



Drill 6: Passing Drill with light Fitness

Coach serves a ball to oncoming player. Player passes back to coach and jogs to his right. Coach increases difficulty of service based on skill level. Drill can be seen here:


Drill 7: Ball Mastery

Ball Mastery within your own coned off space.


Drill 8: Developing Turning Skills

Groups of three – one ball. Player in the middle receives a properly weighted pass, traps, turns, and plays to the other player. Repeat. Every player gets a turn in the middle.