Duxbury Youth Soccer Association (DYSA) conducts evaluations near the end of each spring season as part of the process to select teams for the following fall and spring seasons. The next set of evaluations will be near the end of the 2021 spring season. Evaluations are conducted by experienced, independent evaluators who are unaffiliated with DYSA, most recently it was the New England Revolution Academy.

Evaluation participation is not mandatory for participation in the program; however, participation is required for players who are to be considered for “top division” teams. Players who do not wish to tryout will still be placed on a team; team placement will be determined by the DYSA Selection Committee.

Exceptions to the tryout rules for players who are injured, ill or otherwise unable to attend may be granted by the DYSA Selection Committee.

Please note that all players must be REGISTERED for the Fall 2021/Spring 2022 season in order to participate in evaluations. 

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Duxbury Youth Soccer Association (DYSA) has initiated a process to select teams for our program beginning with the U10 age groups. The process is designed to result in an objective evaluation of players and selection of teams.

The process will include these steps:

First, DYSA will conduct one DYSA session for each age group near the end of each spring season. The evaluations will be conducted by an independent, professional soccer organization, unaffiliated with DYSA. This is the standard process for all future seasons. Each player will be ranked vs. the other players in the age group.  

Second, every player will be evaluated by the coaches of the team they play for. Each team will submit two evaluations. One from the head coach, one from the designated assistant coach. Coaches will not be allowed to evaluate their children. Therefore, children of coaches will receive one coach evaluation.

Once the 2 unrelated ratings are complete DYSA Board members will compile the data.

Lastly, coaches’ meetings will be held for each age group.  At this meeting the following DYSA Board members: President, VP of Coastal Youth Soccer, VP of Mini Youth Soccer will be present with all Head Coach’s (specific to a girls/boys age group) also invited are the designated Age Group Coordinators to view the process/results.  All these participants will be the DYSA Team Placement Committee.


The evaluation results and evaluator ratings from the 3rd party will be the baseline for all discussions.

In the event of injury, illness or other special circumstance the DYSA Team Placement Committee will consider all other completed evaluations to best assess the players’ particular merits.



There will be several unrelated evaluations of each player. The purpose of multiple evaluations is to avoid a concentration of one opinion (positive or negative) from impacting player selection. We will have no parent coaches evaluating or rating their own children. This enhancement will eliminate the potential for bias (positive or negative) from parents who previously were placed in the uncomfortable position of evaluating their children. Multiple evaluations will also relieve our volunteer coaches from the pressure of team selection.

DYSA is a member of and plays in the Coastal Youth Soccer League (CYSL).  Placement of DYSA teams into select CYSL divisions is conducted the Competition Committee. Additional League information can be found at http://www.coastalyouthsoccer.com/

CYSL ranks divisions in the following order with the most competitive teams playing in D1:

  1. D1 (Division 1)
  2. D2 (Division 2)
  3. Coastal Cup (lowest level of competition)

By conducting evaluations, DYSA aims to have teams placed according to their competitive abilities. This helps ensure a positive on field experience for all players resulting in an increase in confidence, skills, and passion for the sport. Placement into D1 and D2 will allow the players who want more competitive soccer the ability to remain in town for that experience instead of seeking it elsewhere. 

Questions?  pres@duxburyyouthsoccer.org