Duxbury Youth Soccer has adopted Coastal Youth Soccer Zero Tolerance Policy.

All persons responsible for a team (coaches on sidelines) and all the spectators shall support the referee.  Failure to do so will undermine the referee’s authority and has the potential of creating a hostile environment for players, the referee and all other participants and spectators.  Coaches, in cooperation with the Referee, will actively control spectators. 
 Coastal Youth Soccer League has adopted the following rule: 
No one is to address the referee during the Game!! This includes audible comments questioning calls and /or abusive or defaming comments. 
Exceptions for Persons Responsible for a team (Coaches on sidelines)

During the Game: • Responding to a referee initiating a communication • Making Substitutions •  Pointing out emergencies or safety issues At half time or at the end of game: • A coach may ask a referee to clarify a decision in a polite and constructive way • Absolutely NO sarcasm, harassment and intimidation 


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