Facial coverings must be worn while engaged in an activity wherever possible.

Some sports by nature involve intense aerobic activity throughout play. For these sports, it is required that players use facial coverings when possible, taking frequent breaks when they are out of proximity to other players using caution to avoid touching the front or inside of the face covering by using the ties or ear loops to remove and replace. Exceptions to this are:

1. During high intensity aerobic or anaerobic activities, or
2. When distancing of 6 feet or more is possible between participants whenever feasible or
3. For individuals that are unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition or disability. (DYSA request that an email be sent to your coach and  - simply inform of us that a condition exists that prevents wearing a face covering.  Do not send medical information in this message)

A mask or face covering that wraps around the head or head and neck (i.e. gaiter) will be considered dangerous equipment.

A mask that fits over the ears only will be considered safe to wear.